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3 reasons this Valentine was made specially for you and your spouse.

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3 reasons this Valentine was made specially for you and your spouse.

1. Valentine's Day can rekindle the romance in your marriage

Here is a day, literally thrown in your face, for you to be super romantic. You've got it in you, just think back to when you were dating. You are a romantic being, and you just need to freshen up your skills a bit. 

Here is your chance. When else do you actually go all-out in being romantic and thoughtful in planning a day, or a special evening for your spouse? Perhaps on your anniversary...maybe...but that's about it. So why not add Valentine's Day to your list of romantic days to celebrate,  and just make it happen? One suggestion we love is to switch off planning either Valentine's Day or your anniversary with your spouse every year. Which means that if you plan a spectacular Valentine's Day, then your husband or wife will plan a wonderful anniversary. And next year you will switch. Give it a go and see if it works for you.

2. Being intentional about celebrating Valentine's Day can nurture your marriage. 

​Being intentional about your relationship can make it or break it. Couples who aren't intentional about their marriages often start to drift apart without even realizing it. So, decide to be intentional about Valentine's Day and take advantage of the opportunity it gives you to nurture your marriage. 

Now, being intentional doesn't mean that you have to celebrate Valentine's Day the way jewelry companies suggest. You can create your own traditions. Maybe your tradition is to always go skiing together on Valentine's Day, or to eat Valentines Day candy while you watch your favorite chick flick. Or perhaps you are more ambitious, and you decide to always (from here on out) schedule a getaway together over Valentine's Day weekend.

Whatever you do, just choose to make this day a big deal. And, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make Valentine's Day special. Being intentional about a day of love (even if you don't like the idea of it) will help you learn to be intentional about your marriage every other day of the year, too.

3. Valentine's Day gives you a chance to express love in a special way. 

Literally, you are being given a chance to express love on THE love day of the year. To simply choose not to express love on this day would be ridiculous. Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Valentine's Day is set apart for a certain purpose. It's a day to express, show, and tell your spouse (or significant other) how much you love him/her.

What I'm getting at here is this; Valentine's Day should be a big deal for you and your spouse! Don't let Valentine's Day pass you by this year. Choose to plan ahead, to be intentional, and to celebrate your marriage in a meaningful way. Then, watch the spark's fly!