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4 Healthy Ways to Gain Weight Fast

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4 Healthy Ways to Gain Weight Fast

You always see a lot of articles on how to lose weight, but you hardy see articles on how to gain weight. But the truth is there are a lot of skinny people out there who wish they could gain a little weight. I am slim person, and I fluctuate between skinny and athletic, so I understand the agony of being a skinny person. So, I have taken time to list four ways to gain weight naturally in a matter of weeks. Please note that these are all methods that have helped me in the past at different times, so I am sure of them, and did not just copy them from somewhere online.

1.  Eat Three Eggs a Day
Eat it boiled, friend with noodles, scrambled with yam...any way you like it, but try to ingest at least 3 eggs a day. You do know that eggs are meant to form chicks (baby chickens), now think of all the nutrients that would be parked in a food like that. If you eat at least 3 eggs a day, for 3 weeks, you will surely add weight.

2.  Exercise
Yea, overweight people might use exercise to lose weight, but skinny people can also use different forms of exercise to gain weight. This method would work better for males than for females though. What you would be doing are a set of exercises that would help you build muscles in a short while. So, here, the weight you would be gaining would be muscles, not fat.

3. Gallon of Milk a Day

This is the easiest means of gaining weight, but it may cost you a little. A gallon of milk is 4 liters of milk. Milk contains most of the nutrients your body needs to grow; why do you think infants can live on milk alone for 6 months. And think of how fast calves grow from sucking just their mama cow's breast milk. Oh yea, make sure the milk is Whole Milk (another name for it is Full Cream Milk). Just make sure it is either Peak, or Loya Milk. Yea, Hollandia Milk is also Full Cream Milk. Do this for about four weeks and you are sure to gain weight. Please, don't pick this option of you are diabetic.

4.  Mixture of Milk and Malt Drink
Yea, this is another magic formula. Take a bottle of Maltina or Malta Guinness, and mix with a can of evaporated milk. Steer it well, and take it down in one go. Do this every day for 2-3 weeks, and not only will you add weight, you will also look fresher than ever.

Pick ONE of this methods, and do everything I say on concerning them, and you are sure to gain weight in a matter of weeks!