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Checkout the Best Street Style From Gtbank Fashion Week 2018

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Checkout the Best Street Style From Gtbank Fashion Week 2018

Everything fashion appeared on the streets of Gt-bank fashion week. The street style fashionistas came in avant-garde style cutting across Lagos.

The quote that says ‘no pain no gain’ is applicable during this weekend fashion show. As hot as the weather was, there were so many people dressed in power suits , heavy trench coats, dramatic patterns and checks with colorful palettes, oversized outfits, colorful blazers, polka dots, ankle length boots, sheer dresses and hats,berets, stylish layering and ruffles.

There were a lot of stylish trends both new and old. Leather and pattern were everywhere, all manner of shades and fabrics. It may not be appropriate for the elements but was definitely suitable for the occasion. Bucket hats, berets, bikers cap were all seen at the show.

Style influencers and bloggers came all out. Accessories of all kinds, the guests were accessorized in all kinds of jewelries from gold and silver rings and neck pieces always in a golden hue and of maximum proportions to bold belts, durags with fishnet socks and mini bags.

The power suits and jackets were paired with vintage/ beaded belts and different type of boots. Sexy pair of heels graced different legs of show goers. Many of the pictures were gotten from different photographers and bloggers page.