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Popular Nigerian Footballer Killed By SARS Policeman

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Popular Nigerian Footballer Killed By SARS Policeman

A Police officer attached to the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) in Ogun State Command has allegedly caused the death of Remo Stars FC assistant captain Tiyamiyu Kazeem according to the club’s media officer Oladimeji Oshode.

The jarring incident was reported to have occurred on Saturday afternoon in Sagamu while the defender who is known to fans of the club as “Kaka” was driving with teammate Sanni Abubakar.

Citing unnamed eyewitness accounts, Oshode claimed the SARS officers flagged the car conveying the players and then labelled Tiyamiyu a “Yahoo Boy” – a term used locally term to describe an internet fraudster.

The cops then insisted on arresting the players and taking them to their station despite both men having shown their ID Cards which identified them as Remo Stars football players.

Both men reportedly acceded to the police officers request to follow them to their station.

However, on noticing that the alleged police officers were driving towards an unfamiliar destination, the players demanded to know where they were being transported to upon which the officers allegedly pushed Tiyamiyu out of the car and he was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

He was reportedly transported to Fakoya Hospital in Sagamu where he was declared dead on arrival.

“The SARS officer stopped Tiyamiyu Kazeem insisting that he was a Yahoo Boy, he brought out his identity (ID) card to identify himself as a player of Remo Stars FC but the officer insisted on taking him to the nearest police station in Sagamu,” Oshode wrote citing unnamed eyewitness reports.

“Tiyamiyu and Sanni obliged, followed the SARS officers, only for them to notice that they were driving towards Sagamu-Abeokuta Expressway, then the guys questioned to know were the SARS officers were taking them to, but this prompted them to stop the car and push him (Tiyamiyu) out of the car, whereby an unknown vehicle knocked him down.”

The club described Tiyamiyu “as a humble and reliable defender for Remo Stars FC in the ongoing 2019/2020 Nigeria National League (NNL)”.